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How it started

It didn’t start with web services. It started with web hosting. Well, it didn’t start with that, because first there was De Goede Huisvader. This is a legal term that means taking good care of something or someone. The word ‘huisvader‘ is the Dutch word for stay-at-home dad.

In 2014 I became a stay-at-home dad. I went from a professional IT worker in paid employment to a self-employed person who combined his work with caring for the children. As a photographer, writer and here and there a website developer. In that year I also started the website De Goede Huisvader (www.goedehuisvader.nl). It was (and still is) my attempt to show the world that things can be done differently. She (my better half) is the one who brings in the main income. I still combine my work with the household. These are no longer activities in the field of photography. Those are now the web services.

Harm Jagerman


As you may have read earlier on this page, De Goede Huisvader is an initiative of me, Harm Jagerman. If you want to learn more about me, I would like to refer you to a separate section of this website.


Of course, you want to know why you should choose De Goede Huisvader Web Services. That answer depends on what kind of service you want to use.

If you want a general answer to the question of why you choose De Goede Huisvader, the name says enough. “Een goede huisvader” (translation: a good family man or a good patras familias)  is a legal term for something or someone who takes good care of something or someone else. That’s what’s important right now.

Whether it concerns creating a website, managing your data or checking data. This must be done with care. Leave this to someone who does this with care.

Another reason why you choose De Goede Huisvader: is aftercare and support. If you choose another party, you often have to make additional agreements for aftercare and support. Sometimes you run into limitations when it comes to accessibility. I know from my own experience that this can be very frustrating. De Goede Huisvader Web Services can be reached: by telephone, e-mail or app. If you want, you can even send a letter!

Your idea is important. So you are important. Accessibility is important to you. That is why you choose De Goede Huisvader, among other things. There are of course more reasons to choose De Goede Huisvader. Consider, for example, the services you can choose from.


You are important

Yes, it’s true: you are important! What you do is also important. Whether you are – just like me – a self-employed person or a director of a company in the SME sector. It does not matter.

What is important: you want to grow or not let your growth be hindered by things you do not know of. Or you don’t want to get involved in things you don’t have time for. A good example is the technical management of your website or investigating whether the information is sufficiently reliable.

In short: whatever your need is, you are important!


This may come off as strange, but dedication is extremely important. At least, that’s what I think. I consider dedication also something that is something we can do together. To see what I can do for you. How I can be of assistance to you? Perhaps this is only an advisory role or more than that.

A new website or a new webshop? Perhaps an upgrade of an existing website/webshop? It’s all possible. The basis for all of this: is dedication.

Dedication goes even further than that. De Goede Huisvader Web Services also offers other services than ‘just’ developing websites or managing websites. Then think about education. Dedication also plays an important role here. The dedication to imparting knowledge to others.

Dedication is important because it forms the basis for a long-term business relationship. That’s what’s important. Are you ready to enter into this relationship? Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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